Take Time Out

Take Time Out – To Check In On Your Progress

Take time out to know where you are and what comes next on your agenda.

take time outWe all know the importance of goal setting, having to do lists and basically having some kind of plan in place to keep us on track through our day, week, month and year. So it’s important to take time out, not only to plan in the first place but to check in on your progress.

To get some context on the point I want to talk about lets just cover a 1 week period.

Every Sunday night a do a list for the week for the things I want to achieve for that week and each night before my head hits the pillow I make a list of things for the following day. These generally come for the list I made for the week and any other things that may crop up that need to be dealt with.

During each day, usually around lunchtime I will take time out to have a bite to eat and to look at how I am making progress for the day on my list for that day.

You see things may crop up and sidetrack you from what you had on your agenda for the day. Which is fine, because things like that happen but that taking time out to check in on your progress can help you re-focus to the tasks at hand.

The same can be done for your to do list for the week. Midweek I will take time out, say an hour, out of my day to, again check in on my progress for the week and to re-adjust what it is I am doing if it’s necessary.

The important thing is to take time out at some point to check in on your progress. It will help keep you focused and on track for your end goal.

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